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Eric Cirignano, the luminary behind Hydrocare, is a seasoned voyager of the dialysis universe. With a rich tapestry of decades spent in the biomedical arena, intricately servicing dialysis apparatus, he gave birth to BION, a venture focused on the technical intricacies of dialysis equipment, and Operize, a nexus of technical software operations catering to dialysis providers.

Eric’s journey, woven through the heartlands of dialysis providers across the US, opened his eyes to the ripe potential nestled in simplifying the water purification system design, installation, and maintenance processes. This quest for a harmonious experience for providers, irrespective of their physical or geographical imprint, kindled the birth of HydroCare.

HydroCare, buoyed by decades of intimate knowledge of the dialysis industry, brings a fresh breath of innovation to the optimization of medical-grade water purification systems.

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